We provide critter sitter services in your home.  When critter sitting, we take all precautions possible to ensure that your home does not appear as though you are on vacation.  With your permission, we can check your mail, check voicemails and emails, retrieve deliveries, check houseplants and gardens, alter lights, rearrange curtains and turn on and off the stereo.

We recommend that cats, small animals, birds and fish be checked at least once daily.  For the safety and wellbeing of your critter, we require at least one visit within a 24 hour period.

Dogs typically require three visits daily.

Single Visit - $18 per half hour, 1-2 critters.  

Double Visit - $36/day 1-2 critters.

Triple Visit -  $54/day 1-2 critters.   (Additional visits are $15/visit)

Each additional critter is $5.  Larger animals and "non-domestic critters" start at $35 per visit.

An additional $5 per visit may be charged for major holidays.

We do not charge extra for routine litter box scoops (waste removal only) or insulin administration.   No hidden fees!

Overnight Critter Sitter Services in your home in special circumstances.  Rates start at $65.  Please call to discuss this option for critters with special circumstances.  We do not offer boarding in our home with the exception of small caged animals on a case-by-case basis.

Due to the rising cost of gasoline, all prices are subject to change. 


All critter friends are required to be up-to-date with their vaccinations and health care.   The PA Dog Law requires that all dogs and cats three months of age or older, including indoor cats, be vaccinated for rabies.  We also strongly recommend vaccinating for distemper, canine cough and Lyme disease. 

If you need assistance with low-cost vaccinations, please contact your vet or the Chester County SPCA for information on upcoming low-cost vaccination clinics.

PA Dog Law also requires that all dogs three months of age or older have a current PA license.  A license may be purchased at the Chester County SPCA, Chester County Treasurer's Office, your vet, certain pet supply stores or see me.  Lifetime dog license applications are available through your vet.  Your dog will be required to be microchipped in order to qualify for a lifetime dog license.  Microchipping is a safe and inexpensive way to protect your pet in case of he or she would become separated from you.  We highly encourage our critters to be microchipped! 

We reserve the right to not enter into a contract if an animal is deemed aggressive and we feel uncomfortable handling your critter or if we are not comfortable with the 'care' that you ask us to provide (i.e. asking us to leave your dog unattended outdoors, skipping visits, suspected abuse or neglect).  Please understand that this is for safety reasons for both your critter as well as our your sitter.  If your animal has a history of biting or aggression, please let us know. 
Run out of food?  Did Max chew through his leash - again?  Out of treats?  We can help!

Going on vacation and don't feel like coming home to an empty fridge?  Leave us your list!

We can also be an extra pair of hands in a pinch!

Base rate for errands $25 plus the cost of third party services/goods. 

Pet waste removal from your yard upon your request.  Rates vary, depending upon the size of your yard and frequency. 

Are you a small business owner or contractor?  Do you need your voicemail and/or email checked, calls returned, light administrative duties performed or someone to keep the line of communication and back office operations going while you're away?  We can keep things running while you're out of your office.  Please visit contact us for more information regarding Virtual Assistant services and rates.

Walkies and Playdates
Walkies and Playdate Services are ideal for the busy executive, families on the run, homebound seniors, etc.  They're also perfect for those four-legged pals who are personality-plus and require a little extra exercise to help eliminate their knack for mischief!

30 Minute Walkie - $18 per visit, $20 weekends and holidays.

45 Minute Walkie - $25 per visit. 

60 Minute Playdate - $36 per visit   $40 on major holidays

The above rates are for clients who schedule services Monday through Friday or the same day (i.e. every Monday, every Wednesday, etc) on an ongoing basis.  Daily clients also receive the same rate for critter sitting as they do for their daily walkies and playdates.

Critter Sitting
Pet Supply Pickup and Human Needs
Fees, Payment and other Human Odds and Ends
All rates, services and procedures are discussed during the initial consultation. 

You will receive a contract outlining services agreed upon and payment terms along with our privacy policy and emergency medical treatment release.  We also ask that you provide emergency contact information for you and your pet, as well as detailed instructions regarding their care.


We ask that as much advance notice as possible be given when scheduling your critter sitter or walkies.  We limit the number of critters in our care at one time to ensure that your critter receives proper care and attention, in addition to safety reasons.  Holidays and weekends tend to book up fairly quickly, so please book early!

We try to check voicemail and email throughout the day, but can often get busy while on the road visiting our critter friends.. Please feel free to email us with your critter sitter requests, questions and comments. Please understand that we are in and out throughout the day caring for critters and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please try again. 


A 50% deposit may be required for long term pet sitting contracts. This will be refunded if cancellation occurs prior to one week before your scheduled date. 

We accept cash, checks, PayPal and money orders for your convenience.  Additional costs may be incurred for late payment and returned checks.  An additional 5% fee will be charged for PayPal payments. 

We typically do not do 'formal invoicing.'  This helps us keep costs down, be eco-friendly and be able to spend more time with your critters - and our family!  Please leave payment before you leave.  To determine your rate, simply multiply the number of visits x the rate per visit. 

Payment for daily dog walks should be made at the end of each week. 

Your prompt payment helps us to continue doing what we do best - caring for your critters!


Daily dog walking client discounts: Do you have a neighbor in your development who could benefit from daily dog walking services?  When they become a client, you'll both receive a discounted rate.  Not only is it a way to save money, it helps us be more environmentally responsible!  

We will be happy to offer a similar discount if you're traveling with your friends, neighbors or family who live within the same neighborhood.  (1/2 mile radius from your home maximum)

We believe a referral is the best compliment and are very appreciative of those who do offer referrals.  Many of our best clients have been friends and family of existing clients!  If your referral becomes a client, we will return the compliment and offer you a discount on your next service!

Additional Fees

Key Pickup/Return:  An additional charge of $10 will be assessed for key pickup/return.  We encourage long term clients to keep a spare key with us.  This saves you time and stress in case of an emergency.  It also helps conserve fuel and protect the environment!

Cancellations: - Due to the amount of time that we schedule with each critter, it is important to give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a service.  Cancellations fees will apply if less than 48 hours notice is given with the exception of illness, canceled flights, emergencies, etc. For daily dog walking clients, we will give "credits" ONLY if you cancel before 9 pm the evening before services are to be performed.  With the exception of a true emergency or illness, you will be responsible for payment if you cancel after that time.

Last Minute Bookings:  An additional charge may be assessed for last minute bookings.  Please try to schedule your visits with as much advance notice as possible as services are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  We limit the number of critters in our care to ensure proper safety, attention and care.  We cannot guarantee our ability to accommodate last minute requests and late  scheduling may result in our need to come to your home at a different time or vary the length of the visit, especially during busier seasons.   

Privacy Policy and Safety

Your safety and privacy is our top priority.  When your critters and home are in our care, we treat them as if they were our own.  We value the safety of our clients, which also includes your personal information, property, etc.  No other adult is permitted in your home in your absence other than the sitter.  We prefer to not "split care" with other care givers for your safety as well as our own.  It also helps us to ensure that your critter is healthy, eating well and the proper care is being provided. We cannot be responsible for third party vendors (i.e. a plumber, repairman, etc.) and ask that they be scheduled at another time unless it is a true emergency situation. If we encounter someone at your property that we did not expect, you will be notified immediately along with local law enforcement.  

We do not utilize advertising means such as car magnets or stickers that include a company name or logo, which we feel would alert others to your absence. A copy of our Privacy Policy will be given in writing to all new clients as part of their "New Client Packet."

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Inclement Weather Policy

For the safety of both your critter as well as their sitter, we use common sense with regard to the weather. 

Dogs will be taken out only as long as necessary in cases of excessive heat, rain, cold, winter storms, severe weather threats, etc.  The remainder of the time will be spent indoors where your critter will be given lots of TLC! 

Your critter's health and safety is always our first priority!
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