Critters are creatures of habit...

A pet sitter enables you to keep your critter's routine in place in your absence.  We will ask you about your critter's routine, their habits, quirks, tendencies, favorite games, treats and toys, known obedience commands, etc.  This reduces the amount of trauma the critter may experience when you are away from home and keeps your critters happy and healthy!

No need to worry about transporting your critter...

Some critters love a ride in the car, while others do not!  Working with a pet sitter eliminates the need for you to transport your critter to another location, especially for those critters who require tranquilizers or have a tendency to get "car sick."  This is one less worry if you have to leave town for an emergency such as a family emergency, wedding, vacation, special event, etc. 

You could hire your neighborhood teenager or neighbor, but...

What if they bring in half the neighborhood to check out your brand new stereo system?  What if something gets broken?  Are they equipped to handle emergencies?  What if your critter gets sick and needs emergency care?   A professional pet sitter is reliable, mature and able to handle emergency situations.  A pet sitter will treat your critters and home as if they were their own.  We work with local pet care providers, trainers, etc. along with law enforcement authorities to provide the best care possible for your critters and your home.  

We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. and are members of Pet Sitters International (PSI), Professional United Pet Sitters, LLC. (PUPS) and the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce.  Additionally, we are a PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter.  To maintain that certification, we are committed to ongoing education.  We have completed Pet First Aid and CPR Certification through the American Red Cross.  References are always available and a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background, FBI Fingerprint Check, Child Abuse Clearances and an annual Sterling Services background check are kept on file as well.  We have also completed the "Safe Environment" training through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 

We are dedicated to adhering to PSI's Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting and Member Code of Conduct and Ethics.

A pet sitter is a dedicated professional...

Who cares about your critters, their welfare, the security of your home and personal belongings.   A pet sitter is just a phone call away in case of an emergency!

Our "Ready Key Program" allows you to keep a spare key with us in case you have to leave on short notice.   Lock yourself out of the house?  We're cheaper than a locksmith! 

The safety and comfort of our clients is our top priority! We never use advertising on our vehicles, which could alert someone to your absence.  We do not hire part time pet sitters, including high school or college students, which means all services will always be performed by the owner.  The only exception to this is a true emergency or previously scheduled arrangement.  If a back-up sitter is arranged, you will be notified prior to any services performed.  At no time will we permit a third-party to enter your home without your prior consent. 

We strongly urge each of our clients to give our contact and vehicle information to their local police department while using our services.  This notifies them that we have your permission to be at your home and who to contact in case of an emergency - fire, burglary, critter emergencies, etc.  Please contact your local police department for their respective forms.

But what if I don't have a critter?

That's okay, we'll help you find one!  Seriously, we also do house sitting for those who do not have critters but would appreciate the security and comfort of knowing that someone is checking in on their house to make sure there has been no unusual activity, bring in the mail, care for their plants and gardens, rotate lights and drapes and take other steps to ensure that your house is looked "lived in."

What if I live outside of your service area?

Here at The Critter Sitter, LLC, we firmly believe in supporting our fellow pet care professionals, especially our fellow professional pet sitters.   We are happy to offer referrals to fellow professional pet sitters who have a solid reputation of providing quality care for the critters in their care - as well as being bonded, insured, trained in pet first aid and are members of a reputable pet sitting trade association such as PSI, NAPPS and PUPS. The same applies for locally owned pet supply stores, vets, trainers, rescues and of course... pet bakeries!

A pet sitter helps keep critters in their furrever homes...

Research demonstrates a strong link between critter ownership and better health for their humans!  Critters help lower our blood pressure, eliminate a feeling of loneliness and give us a sense of structure and being needed.  Consider your elderly or homebound family members, neighbors and friends who have critters.  A pet sitter can not only help care for their critter with feedings, walks, light grooming, etc., but they can also check on your family member or friend. 

Work long hours or like to travel and worry about your critter not getting enough TLC?  We can help care for your critter in your absence and eliminate the need for you to surrender your critter to a shelter or place him for adoption with another family. 

We are dedicated to animal rescue organizations and their efforts... 

We are pleased to offer special discounts for those who have recently adopted or rescued a critter.   As our business continues to grow, we look forward to becoming more involved with fundraising events and helping to  increase awareness of the needs of our local shelters, rescue organizations, etc.  We strive to help homeless or at-risk critters find a loving, stable and furrever home! 

We do not hire pet sitters or use independent subcontractors...

We're constantly asked - "are you hiring?"  No.  We choose to remain small and to ensure our clients that their critters will have a consistent care giver.  This alleviates the stress for your critter - as well as you! 

Serving Central and Western Chester County, PA
Why a Pet Sitter?

An alternative to the kennel and "doggie daycare"

While some critters may do great in a "kennel or doggie daycare setting," some critters can become fearful and find this to be an upsetting and traumatic experience.  Some critters do not enjoy traveling in a car or being in a strange environment, surrounded by animals that they are not accustomed to. By remaining in their own home, they are not exposed to the risk of infection or illness and receive personalized care and attention to detail.
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Why Hire a Pet Sitter?
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